Our Story

Respect. Quality. Authenticity. We believe deeply in all of these values, and they are part of everything we do - from the places where we source products, to the way we treat our employees and our customers. We are all in this together, and knowing that brings respect to everything we do.

Spill the Beans started life in Grimsby on 31st May 1987, we started by selling dried goods direct from the importers. We sold fruit, nuts, rice and flours from the sack or box, just like a Victorian corner shop.  After three years of trading, we opened a more modern style of shop in St. Peters Avenue, Cleethorpes.  In 2000 we closed the Grimsby shop and ran as a single outlet from Cleethorpes until 2014 when we opened a second shop in the market town of Louth, Lincolnshire.  Over the years we've adapted, evolved and expanded, whilst remaining an independent family business.

About us

Spill The Beans is a leading independent supplier of unpackaged loose food and ingredients, we've been doing this long before it became trendy! Think of us as one of the originals! 

We have a huge range of products including: Groceries, Herbs and Spices, Cake Decorating Ingredients & Equipment, Bakeware & Cookware, Health Supplements, Toiletries and Household Products.... Literally thousands of products to choose from!

We take great pride in providing quality products at a fair price to our customers.... It's fair to say after almost 40 years, we know what we're doing!

Our Nuts, Dried Fruit, Herbs and Spices come direct from the importers and are delivered weekly. We source the highest grade products available; ensuring they are the best products for you to enjoy.

Many of our customers refer to us as an "Aladdin's cave" and they're not wrong!

Our Directors