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    Inside this packet are ten grams of dried sourdough, which is easily brought to life again with warm water and rye flour. One more refreshment and you’re a sourdough baker – and you never need buy industrial yeast again.

    The dried sourdough comes in a compostable cellophane bag and instructions and a recipe for rye bread are printed on the inside of the packet, so there’s no waste.

    This product is Organic and is Vegan.

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    Bread Matters Organic Original Sourdough Starter 10g

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    This fast-acting yeast is gluten free and suitable for bread baking and yeast cookery. It is convenient and ideal for hand baking and bread machines, just add Quick Yeast straight from pack to the dry ingredients in your recipe. The yeast is vacuum packed to keep it fresh so the packaging will appear hard until opened.

    Highly effective, simply add 1 tsp of Quick Yeast for every 500g of bread flour.

    This product is Coeliac UK certified.

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    Doves Farm Quick Yeast 125g

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    A fast acting baker’s compressed yeast, designed for use in high speed, no-time dough processes for a soft, fluffy loaf.

    *Brand Variation:   You will receive either the “Mauri” or “NG & SF” yeast.

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    Fast Acting Fresh Bakers Yeast 1kg

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  • £1.00/50g Pack

    Fast acting instant dried yeast

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    Instant Dried Yeast 50g Pack

    £1.00/50g Pack
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