Neem – Pure Essential Oil 10ml


Neem seed oil (Azadirachta indica)

This oil is a strong antimicrobial oil that can be used:

• To cleanse and purify skin
• To encourage detoxification and balancing of congested skin
• To help heal skin complaints, irritation, inflammation and infection
• To repel mosquitoes, head lice, ticks, fleas, dust mites (on humans, animals and upholstery)
• In toiletries – e.g. for skin health. Also helps against dandruff and warts
• As an anti-fungal for nails
• As an anti inflammatory for painful joints and muscles
• As a pesticide for grain and rice pests
• To relieve heat in the skin
• Also known to stimulate an immune response to help fight infection

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Natural constituents: Neem Oil, Cold Pressed

Some suggested directions for use:
In skincare products it can be used neat for warts and fungal nails.
For other skincare uses, dilute in carrier oil at a 5% dilution.
Note: Neem seed oil solidifies in cooler room temperatures. Place it in a bowl of hot water (not boiling) to thin it out again.

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